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Character Design Challenge: Jedi and Sith
BRIEF: ''A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.. Over the planet Aquilae, a group of starfighters flew toward a distant speck. The speck gradually resolved into an immense space fortress, a planet-sized battle station called the Death Star. The only person who knows how to destroy it, a young member of the Rebellion, is on board of one of the starfighters intercepted by the Empire. Four fearless Jedi Knights will try to save the prisoner, but to do so they will have to face a Sith Lord and its deadly henchmen.... ''

Trained since childhood in the dark arts, this powerful sith spent much time in the ancient temples. She has crafted armor from crumbled statues and sculptures, the mask on her scarred face came after being injured in her successful attempt on her masters life. His cyber crystal now adorns her crown as she sits atop his throne deep in the dark chambers. She specializes in the vicious light-saber form of Juyo.

Kyle mjoen sith banner
Kyle mjoen sith

Sith Lord

Kyle mjoen sith concept