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Karuko-Protector of the Forest

An ancient warrior with a mystical connection to the earth, Karuko watches over the trees and creatures of the forest. Goblins, spiders, and many other enemies have fallen to his axe or been ripped apart by his claws. He bears a gentle heart but a short temper for those who dare to disrespect his home.

Kyle mjoen karuko splash illustration final resized
Kyle mjoen karuko sketchbook
Kyle mjoen karuko silhouettes
Kyle mjoen karuko faces
Kyle mjoen karuko outfit development
Kyle mjoen karuko axe
Kyle mjoen karuko colors
Kyle mjoen spirit bear final turnaround


Kyle mjoen spirit bear faces

Facial Expressions

Kyle mjoen spirit bear action final

Action Sheet

Kyle mjoen spirit bear final callouts


Kyle mjoen spirit bear splash thumbnails

Illustration Thumbnails